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Helpline: + 48 703 20 20 20
Charge of PLN 1.29 gross/min of each call, service provider: Netia S.A.


Building a good railway, build good relations.

We exist so that people in Poland were able to comfortably and efficiently move freely and carry out their plans every day. No matter where they live - in a small or a big city - we want to enable them access to important sites, such as work, school, offices, shops and of course home. With the widest route network in Poland we want everyone, without exception, to enjoy rail travel in their region.

We modernize, because we want to develop a railway, which will be safe and comfortable for customers and to be an attractive partner of first choice for provinces. We make every effort to be close to people and their issues, thus promoting the organization of everyday life and stimulate movement in the regions, and in consequence their development.

We believe that our experience and responsibility will build a friendly railway, which we and you - our customers - can be proud of.

POLREGIO brand values:


  • credibility
  • effectiveness
  • Development, the pursuit of excellence
  • Ethics proceedings


  • The ethos of work, public service
  • devotion
  • ensuring the safety of
  • Caring for people and the environment


  • friendliness
  • honesty
  • Giving support
  • Flexibility, openness,

POLREGIO was established in 2001.
We are the largest passenger rail carrier in Poland. We operate about 1,800 trains daily all over the country. We serve more than 77 milion passengers annually.  
The company's share in the passenger railway market is over 27%.