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Helpline: + 48 703 20 20 20
Charge of PLN 1.29 gross/min of each call, service provider: Netia S.A.


Promotional fares on the route Bialystok - Kaunas


Regional Transport together with the Lithuanian Railways operate weekend trains on the route:

  • Bialystok - Suwalki - Kaunas.

 Check timetable here.


Special Offer "Poland - Lithuania Regio special "  allows you to buy tickets at prices much lower than in the traditional international tariff. Tickets are available through the Internet, ticket offices and at the train staff.

Offer valid from 06.12.2016 year.


Bialystok - Kaunas: 11.00 euro

Suwalki - Kaunas: 8.00 euro.

Prices on other routes are available in the attachments. 


Payment in the Republic of Polish is made in PLN, according to the following euro exchange rate
Tickets can not be exchanged (rebooking).

Offer "Poland-Lithuania Regio Special " is also attractive to those who travel with children. One child under 6 years old can travel for free, and others may take advantage of a 50% discount.


Round trip tickets are valid until 24:00 on the day of travel. Round trip tickets are printed out on seperate forms. 

Passenger has a right to travel on a route shorter than indicated on the ticket, but is not entitled to a refund for any unused portion of the ticket.


Transportation of a bike is done under the supervision of the traveler. The bike should not disturb co-passengers, or cause damage or contamination to the train. Ticket price for transporting a bikes is 2.00 euros.


Tariff conditions special offer "Poland - Lithuania Regio special" valid from 12.06.2016

Added: 18.07.2016

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Price list "Poland - Lithuania Regio special"

Added: 18.07.2016

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