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Ikonka i dla artykułów informacyjnych Wielkopolska Province
“Połączenie w Dobrej Cenie”

  • “Połączenie w Dobrej Cenie” - Wielkopolskie

    “Połączenie w Dobrej Cenie” - Wielkopolskie

“Połączenie w Dobrej Cenie” is an attractive offer for more than 300 routes across the country operated by REGIO and interREGIO category trains.

Single tickets for one way and personal monthly route “return” tickets are sold with flat fees and entitle to travel by REGIO category.

You can purchase tickets according to the normal tariff and concessionary tickets.

The most important conditions of “Połączenie w Dobrej Cenie” offer:

  • Tickets in the special offer may be acquired by a person not benefiting from any other discounts or offers or a person authorized to concessionary tickets.
  • Tickets in the special offer are issued for indicated routes (in both directions). You can find the full list of routes in attachments sections on the bottom of this page.
  • If in a given city there is more than one station / passenger stop, the offer applies to all stations / stops in the city limits.
  • Tickets with flat fees are issued only for one way travel on board REGIO category train
  • Tickets can also be purchased on board of the train, on the terms specified in the Regulations (RPR).

List of routes covered by the offer in the wielkopolska voivodship:

Single REGIO category train tickets:

 Jarocin  Krotoszyn  6.00 PLN
 Krajenka  Piła  4.50 PLN
 Krotoszyn  Jarocin  6.00 PLN
Piła      Krajenka  4.50 PLN
 Trzcianka  6.00 PLN
 Wałcz  5.00 PLN
 Złotów  5.50 PLN
 Trzcianka  Piła  6.00 PLN
 Wałcz  Piła    5.00 PLN
 Złotów  Piła   5.50 PLN

The full text of the tariff conditions for “Połączenie w dobrej cenie” offer and the full list of rotes can be found HERE.