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Charge of PLN 1.29 gross/min of each call, service provider: Netia S.A.


Promotional fares on the route Biala Podlaska-Terespol-Brest


Regional Transport jointly with the Belarusian Railways operate trains relationship:

- Terespol - Brest (Brest).

Special Offer Poland - Belarus allows the purchase of tickets at prices much lower than in the traditional international tariff.

The offer is valid from 15.07.2015.


  • Biala Podlaska - Brest-Centralnyj(connection with a change in Terespol): 25.90 zł.
  • Biala Podlaska - Brest-Centralnyj - Biala Podlaska(connection with changes in Terespol): 51,80 zł,
  • Terespol - Brest-Centralnyj: 16,90 zł,
  • Terespol - Brest-Centralnyj - Terespol: 33,80 zł.

From the above. fee does not apply any additional discounts. Tickets can not be exchanged (rebooking) or refundable.

The ticket issued in Poland to travel "there and back" shall be stamped at the ticket offices of the Belarusian Railways date and train number. When stamping issued in Poland tickets for travel in the relationship "there and back" in the box offices of the Belarusian Railways fee is charged extra (ie. On commission), in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus (the fee is equivalent to approx. 5 zł, and is payable in Belarusian rubles).


Tickets for the ride "there" are valid one day, while tickets for travel "there and back" are valid 15 days from the date of departure and entitle to one passage in relationship "there and back".

The passenger has the right to get to the destination station after the expiry of the validity of the ticket, provided that the passage begun in accordance with the term of validity of the ticket and takes place on a direct train.

The passenger has the right to travel on the route shorter than indicated on the ticket, but is not entitled to a refund for any unused portion of the ticket.

Stopovers are not permitted (except for transfers travelers with tickets to / from Biala Podlaska station Terespol).


To transport a bicycle Regional Transport and Railways Belarusian honor each other in the direction "there" for domestic tickets for the carriage of bicycle:

- Tickets for the transport of bikes on trains PR - to the station Brest-Central

- Tickets for the transport of bikes on trains BC - to the station Biala Podlaska and Terespol.

Tickets for the transport of bikes are honored together with a ticket issued to the holder of the bicycle according to the special offer - in relation indicated on the ticket.

The bike is allowed to carry, if such technical possibilities - in the first vestibule of the first and last vestibule of the last car in the train or in specially marked places in the train. Transportation of the bike is done under the supervision of the traveler. The bike should not disturb other travellers, or cause damage or contamination wagon.