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  • REGIOcard



REGIOcard is:

  • personal discount card for regular customers of POLREGIO and other carriers.
  • 30% discount on single tickets on any route (RAZEM Tariff)
  • 15% discount on season route tickets and Network tickets (RAZEM Tariff)
  • discount also on the tickets of other carriers: Arriva RP, Koleje Dolnośląskie, Koleje Śląskie, Koleje Wielkopolskie and  Łódzka Kolei Aglomeracyjna.

REGIOcard prices:

  • 175 PLN * (annual)
  • 105 PLN * (semi-annual)
  • 25 PLN (replacement card).

* In case your current card expires or nearing the expiry date, you can buy another REGIOcard with a 20% discount: 140 PLN for annual and 85 PLN for semi-annual.

You can buy a REGIOcard online!

Tariff conditions – tickets in REGIOcard offer

Added: 02.11.2016

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Extract from the Regulations- REGIOcard purchase

Added: 02.11.2016

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REGIOcard refund conditions

Added: 01.09.2015

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